Maria Keck is a classically trained flautist and elementary music teacher from Cincinnati, OH who has found her voice in the genre of live looping. Maria's songs are carefully orchestrated live each time she performs, giving her audience an intriguing and playful experience. Folk-influenced lyricism and an eclectic take on pop and electronic styles combine to bring you the spiritual art-pop essence of Maria's one-of-a-kind "flute loops".

Maria has released two singles from her upcoming LP. You can stream "Forest Queen" and "Ghosts/Alive" wherever you listen to music.

Her full album will be out on June 9th, 2023.

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5.27 Taste of Cincinnati 

6.4 Findlay Market, Cincinnati, OH

6.9 Album Release @ Southgate House Revival, Newport KY

6.15 Crooner Circus @ Big Ash Brewing, Cincinnati OH

6.21 Magnolia Bar, Lousiville, KY with NEXXT

7.11 Southgate House Revival, Newport, KY with Sophia Corinne and Evan McMillian

7.12 Cafe Coco, Nashville, TN

7.13 The Blue Plate Special, Knoxville, TN

7.14 CAMP Social Club, Louisville, KY

7.21 SoFar Sounds, Indianapolis, IN

7.22 Pop's Blue Moon, St.Louis, MO

7.29 The Recipe Family Cookout Festival, Evandale, OH

8.25 Clifton Plaza, Cincinnati, OH

8.26 Cedar Grove Festival, Cedar Grove, IN

9.15 Emporium Wines, Yellow Springs, OH

10.25 Comet, Cincinnati, OH with Frailstrate and Tiny Towns